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The vision and mission of POLKACOVER.

Over the years, with giant leaps in technologies in several industries, insurance companies and brokerages seem to be stuck in a time capsule. PolkaCover was created as a solution to beat archaic manual systems and break open the industries from their shells.

Founded in late 2019 by seasoned insurtech, fintech, and blockchain experts, Polkacover believes in creating a well-developed marketplace connecting users and insurance products from around the world. This belief led to a mission to investigate the best options to create next-generation insurance management with a vision to cater to the needs of the growing crypto world.

Polkacover has four main roles it would fulfill within the insurance space.

The platform is developed in four phases:

  • Phase 1: Polkacover cryptobased products
  • Phase 2: Global insurance marketplace
  • Phase 3: Polkacover P2P ( Insurance DAO )
  • Phase 4: Autonomous third party administration/claims management for third party insurance companies

The crypto insurance platform aims to develop this dynamic insurance marketplace through the four development phases. The vision of the seasoned team is to bring to the crypto ecosystem as a whole, enhanced security, and unparalleled end-user ease of interaction. We want everyone to be safeguarded against the bad actors which plague crypto users.

The team is working hard behind the scene, building up ecosystem partners inside & outside the cryptosphere. Polkacover’s future is definitely a bright and interesting one that everyone is looking forward to!

Read our whitepaper on our website and learn more on how we’re changing the insurance industry for our crypto users

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