What Emerging Markets Are Missing

2 min readDec 3, 2020


BLOCKCHAIN! The secret to a successful market is the importance of liquidity of the assets. It is what attracts growth and maturity. Liquidity is partly derived from participation and as a result of less participation the market remains more stagnant and the economies depend more on few strong industries to compensate. In the end, more participation would lead to higher liquidity, but centralized authorities can impede progress.

Many growing markets also operate under political regimes that stop financial growth and the population unable to access a bank or an investment account affects social mobility and the wealth gap. Blockchain is a technology that limits political oppression and access to the financial market remotely. Blockchain technology has spurred the potential for a real financial revolution, though, with more potential participation and opportunity. The need for the technology came from the people themselves. They showed dissatisfaction with the centralized authority. The system takes the centralized power out of the hands of the wealthy and opens the economy by reducing the wealth gaps.

PolkaCover believes in blockchain technology in terms of CRM management, cross country scaling, payment solutions, data integrity, and improved user experience with the option of efficient claims management as well. It gives superpowers to the insurance industry focusing on the granular level of customer-segmentation, tailored products, predicting customer behavior, targeted customer service, and an overall enhanced customer journey. Blockchain’s enablement of increased trust and transparency speaks to the heart of the insurance business.

The emerging markets can use blockchain rather than using a route through centralized financial institutions that add heavy interests and lack liquidity, blockchain would guide the market through a route that is through the people. Thereby cutting out the empowered institutions and opening up the economy. m through the people, thereby cutting out the intermediary and empowering individual people. Ultimately, empowering the people with blockchain-based finance should, theoretically, lead to more accessibility and, subsequently, participation, especially for the unbanked or financially strained.

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