The Utility of Multichain Aggregators

The introduction of blockchain technology has been revolutionary and led to the eruption of a multi-chain environment. In simple terms, a multi-chain ecosystem helps facilitate and nurtures multiple blockchain’s making it easier for users to adapt and adopt; however, the space for vulnerabilities still remains very evident.

Despite the various security precautions set in place within the multi-chain system, cyber criminals are also evolving in figuring out loopholes in breaking down these safety walls. Insurance has become such a need of the hour for the digital world and many insurance providers are also stepping into this space of opportunity.

Protocols are being customized by providers such as Nexus Mutuals, Nsure Network, Bridge Mutual, to provide coverage for these digital assets but as providers, they are limited in their ability to supply the users with exactly what they require. CoverCompared has brought about a solution in eliminating this confusion and prioritizing the needs of users by providing a pool of insurance products for users to choose from on different chains that we are now a part of — We have become a multi-chain aggregator that will help provide you with multiple insurance products within multiple chains to ease the burden of search and selection.

When a guarantee in coverage is provided, it will further strengthen the public’s opinion on entering the world of crypto and as aggregators, we help form a bridge between the insurance providers and the users on these different chains. As the crypto space keeps expanding with more and more assets on different chains, aggregators play an important role in keeping risk at bay by offering the users with the necessary coverages they require to insure their assets on these various chains.

Our marketplace is proud to announce that users will now be able to insure their assets not only within the Ethereum chain but also on the Polygon Network. We are the one stop solution for all your digital based insurance needs and will continue to be a global multi-chain aggregator that advocates for a more liberal insurance market in the digital space.

About CoverCompared:

CoverCompared is the First DeFi insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem. We aim to lower transactional and administrative costs of insurance policies and coverage while providing high-value, cost-effective insurance products bought using a host of cryptocurrencies.

Our platform will be connecting users with multinational insurance providers for all global insurance products such as crypto-related protection, health, life, and travel policies. The platform will include a frictionless insurance marketplace experience that incorporates next-generation block chain technology and tokenized incentives.

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The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem

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The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem

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