The traditional insurers are here!

Why Traditional Insurance?

Before we begin the official announcements of who our traditional insurance partners are in the coming weeks, we believe it’s important for the CoverCompared community to gain clarity on why we have ventured into this arena.

The future of CoverCompared…

As we venture into the realm of traditional insurance, we will continue to ensure that our users’ needs are prioritized and their experience is optimized. CoverCompared is built on pillars of transparency and honesty, and our vision has always been to be one the biggest insurance aggregators in the world. This is the next step of our journey. We will officially become the first ever marketplace that offers both crypto and traditional insurance on a single platform where cryptocurrencies may be used as a medium of payment. We are very thankful for all the support we have received from our community and are extremely excited to continue this journey with our CoverRangers!



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