The Pandemic Helped the Crypto Market More Than You Think!

2020 started off with a global pandemic swiping itself across the globe. Sending the citizens and governments into a panic mode as the economy fell into pieces. The crypto market on the other hand took advantage of the economic ordeal by bringing more attention and interest towards digital assets.

Cryptocurrencies itself have been a part of long discussions and debates, but now that it’s in the spotlight as a financial tool that can be accessible and useful to the public.

It has the potential to enable economic and social growth throughout developing countries by offering access to capital and finance services on a larger scale.

Such exponential growth will drive economies to a digital and stabilized future.

Another important point to note is that the new users who approach the crypto market are later turned into potential investors due to the determined effort of crypto companies. Since the moment Bitcoin came into the picture the crypto market continued to grow exponentially and were able to meet the sudden demand for digital assets. Prior to the global pandemic, most people weren’t paying attention to the economic advantages of cryptocurrencies. Now that that investor faced inflation, they turned their eyes towards the crypto market. Digital assets are not affected by inflation and have a safe storage value.

2020 as a year has also brought so many uncertainties into everyone’s lives.

PolkaCover is a DeFi project that studied the uncertainties in the crypto market to reduce the weight on the crypto users. All the building blocks are in place and PolkaCover aims to keep the crypto market safer than ever.

For more information on DeFi and PolkaCover read our whitepaper on our website and learn more about how we’re changing the insurance industry for our crypto users

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