PolkaCover Updated Tokenomics

3 min readJan 7, 2021

Over the last month, we have had a few changes on our Tokenomics structure. Please find below the updated Tokenomics details & Schedule for the PolkaCover project. The information below supersedes the information provided in the whitepaper as of 7th January 2021




CVR tokens reserved for the CVR Founding team. Team tokens are locked and vested to demonstrate long-term commitment.

  • Tokens locked for 24 months
  • After lockup, tokens are vested over 6 months


CVR tokens reserved for the PolkaCover advisory board. These tokens are vested to demonstrate long-term commitment.


PolkaCover has the funds needed to manage its costs for running its operations for a period of 12–18months. These CVR tokens reserved for future objectives like immediate operational expansion requirement, broad marketing initiative, regulatory & compliance clearances, business expanis exchange listings etc.

  • Operational Tokens — Locked for 12 months followed by 12 month vesting
  • Marketing Tokens — Locked for 6 months followed by 18 month vesting


CVR tokens are reserved to fuel the growth of the covercompared.com platform being developed by the PolkaCover team. The tokens will be used to build token adoption within the platform once it goes live.

  • Tokens are locked for 3 months
  • After lockup, tokens are released equally over 36 months.


This is a “Go-To-Market” FUND which would be required to build the community involvement within the platform. The CVR tokens will be used to

  • Provide liquidity at launch at UniSwap
  • Provide Staking rewards/allocations for early adopters, governance & risk assessment members
  • Bug bounty programs & early testers of the platform
  • Governance & Risk Assessment rewards within the P2P platform
  • Tokens are released equally over 24 months.

All the reserved allocation would be unlocked as per schedule but this does not mean it will necessary be in circulation. The PolkaCover team would be distributed at the discretion of the board. Distribution is primarily used to fuel the growth and expansion of the project over the years to come and may hold/delay the release of the tokens if the need does not arise.



Funds raised through the Private and Crowdsale round will be used to develop and to support the liquidity of the CVR token & platform. The PolkaCover is well funded to manage the growth & expenses for a period of 12–18 months

This includes:

1. Liquidity, tech and product development. CVR anticipates launching its Web 3.0 Insurance marketplace platform in 6 months after the crowdsale completed. To prepare our future ecosystem, will devote significant resources for risk liquidity and market expansion as required.

2. General marketing and development expenses such as website development, advertising materials, outreach, community, partnership and customer development.

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