PolkaCover Strongholder Rewards

Hey CoverRangers!


Last week we announced our strategic partnership with UnoRe, the first DeFi reinsurance platform on crypto, but wait! We have more exciting updates.

PolkaCover is proud to announce the “$CVR Strongholder Campaign”. You can now earn 200 $UNO tokens for the 10,000 $CVR tokens you hold in your wallet.

The Strongholder campaign is what every CVR holder needs to take part in because it allows you to earn the first reinsurance token in the crypto space.

As you might be aware, our CEO, Kunal Sadani, is one of the strategic advisors on UnoRe (www.unore.io). He wanted to reward the CoverRangers for their loyalty to our project and provide them with the opportunity to receive 200 $UNO tokens from his advisory fees. The campaign is guided by his firm belief that reinsurance is the safeguard for insurance protocols liquidity which will, in turn, drive innovation in the crypto-insurance industry.

“We’ve come a long way from where we started. As we build out our entire insurance ecosystem, one of our key criteria is to provide innovative insurance products. UnoRe completes the circle by giving us the reinsurance capacity to underwrite our crypto insurance products (In a regulated environment). I wanted to share this reward amongst the community itself as together we are stronger.”

- Kunal Sadani, CEO of PolkaCover

“By reinsuring Polkacover’s insurance protocol, UnoRe hopes to enable the propulsion of the next generation crypto insurance products into space; overall, our goal remains to foster a long-lasting partnership that will encourage innovation within the community as a whole and ultimately lead to the greater benefit of crypto end-users. On April 28th, after the launch of our IDO on Polkastarter, the crypto community will be open to participate in the first reinsurance platform in the crypto ecosystem.”

- Jaskanwar Singh, CEO of UnoRe

This is how you can get your $UNO tokens:

  • You need to hold 10,000 $CVR tokens for a month starting from 22nd April @ UTC 12:00 to 22nd May UTC @ 12:00.

Let the hodling begin!

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