PolkaCover Strongholder Rewards

It’s time to HODL. YOUR. $CVR.

PolkaCover is proud to announce our second “$CVR Strongholder Campaign.”

You can now earn 100 reward tokens for hodling 5000 $CVR in your wallet. The rewarding token will be revealed soon, so watch out for more surprises!

The Strongholder campaign is what every $CVR holder needs to take part in. With this opportunity, you can hodl our token and receive tokens from other leading projects in the crypto space.

Our CEO, Kunal Sadani, is one of the strategic advisors on this new platform. He wanted to reward the CoverRangers for their loyalty towards our project and give them a chance to receive 100 reward tokens from his advisory fees. The campaign is guided by his firm belief that this new partnership will make a revolutionary impact in the NFT-DeFi sphere which will, in turn, drive innovation in the crypto-insurance industry.

This is how you can get your reward tokens:

  • You need to hold 5,000 $CVR tokens for a month from 22nd June @ UTC 17:00 to 22nd July UTC @ 17:00.
  • Random snapshots will be taken daily to maintain the record of eligible wallets.
  • Follow us on our Twitter & Telegram channels to get further updates regarding the campaign and be eligible as a winner.
  • Follow the partnering page on Twitter, Telegram, and all social media.
  • Remember to use the $CVR & the tag of the partnering token (which will be revealed soon)
  • It is a one-time entry. Holding more than 5,000 $CVR tokens will not qualify you to receive additional rewards.

Let the hodling begin!

Follow us on our socials for more info:

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The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem

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The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem

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