PixelVerse: a new NFT partner

3 min readOct 20, 2021


CoverCompared continues to widen its offerings

We are delighted to announce PixelVerse as our next partner. CoverCompared is truly breaking boundaries in the insurance industry and as we onboard our second NFT partner, we are constantly widening our service offerings and expanding our network to ensure that we cover every possible insurance need in the market.

CoverCompared x PixelVerse

PixelVerse is a virtual world platform and toolset that lets creators and communities create their own NFTs in a next generation metaverse.

As part of this integration, the PixelVerse community will gain access to a platform where users can opt for insurance to safeguard their NFTs against vulnerabilities. Simultaneously, this integration will also provide CoverCompared users with a platform where they can collect, display and interact with NFTs in a shared space. Lastly, users may also trade and backup quality and popular creatives based on their standing in the PixelVerse space.

A crypto-insurance revolution!

At CoverCompared, we not only build a bridge between the actual and virtual world, but also create a secure gateway for insurance protocols in the cryptocurrency realm. Our protocols are consistently updated to ensure we are up to date with market trends and that our users are well suited to adapt to any obstacles they may face.

As we continue to grow our platform and establish more global partnerships, we are confident that our solutions optimize user experience and prioritize people’s needs above everything. We will continue to experience sustainable growth as a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Kunal Sadani, CEO and Founder of CoverCompared

“We are very excited for the partnership between CoverCompared and PixelVerse. This partnership will revolutionise NFT insurance for both our communities.”

Naree Kim, CEO of PixelVerse

“Partnering with CoverCompared will allow us to bring more safety to NFTs and increase our user base. We are very excited to partner with CoverCompared.”

About CoverCompared:

CoverCompared is the First DeFi insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem. We aim to lower transactional and administrative costs of insurance policies and coverage while providing high-value, cost-effective insurance products bought using a host of cryptocurrencies.

Our platform will be connecting users with multinational insurance providers for all global insurance products such as crypto-related protection, health, life, and travel policies. The platform will include a frictionless insurance marketplace experience that incorporates next-generation blockchain technology and tokenized incentives.

About PixelVerse:

PixelVerse is constructing the platform to become the Google of virtual interaction. Under the umbrella, PixelVerse features PixelClout, a content creator’s platform for community growth and monetization, PixelNFT, our multi chain NFT system with a state-of-the-art NFT marketplace, PixelSwap, our customized DEX for NFTs that will premiere the world’s first NFT-mining, and PixelLaunch, our metaverse and game centered project launchpad. All of these will be housed in our PixelVerse, a metaverse offering a Disneyland experience of entertainment and content for global consumers.




The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem