Meet Kunal Sadani, the Founder and CEO of PolkaCover

Kunal Sadani, the founder and CEO of PolkaCover has been based in the Middle East for over 25 years and knows the region as his home. Kunal’s passion for the insurance industry and innovation in technology is what drove him to start his passion project, PolkaCover.

Armored with a Masters Degree from S.P. Jain Institute of Management (Ranked #12 in the world in Forbes’ latest ranking of the world’s top international MBA programs), Kunal’s has worked with several multinational organizations as well as a leading Insurtech startup in senior leadership roles. Kunal’s career has been a part of the biggest game-changing entities in the insurance industry, including AIG, Allianz, and PolicyBazaar(Insurtech startup backed by SoftBank valued at over USD 1 Billion). He has been working in the financial & insurance industry for over 15 years now, managing multiple business verticals and entities in senior leadership roles, and extensively launching innovative insurance products across the Middle East and Africa region.

“I have always had a strong passion for innovative technology that can bring a change and simplify the traditional insurance models for individuals. I believe that PolkaCover will align insurance purchase with the core principles of decentralized technology, making it globally accessible to everyone.”

- Kunal Sadani, Founder and CEO of PolkaCover

In late 2009, Kunal stepped into the world of the insurance industry, where he started at AIG, a leading global insurance organization, which serves over 90 million customers worldwide. He worked in a strategic management role where he built back-end business processes for insurance distribution in the Middle East markets for AIG.

Shortly after AIG, Kunal joined Allianz Worldwide Partners in 2012, where he was a senior business leader overseeing financial services and insurance product creation for several opportunities in the Middle East and Africa. Throughout his 6 years at Allianz, he successfully managed and led projects for B2C platform launches, and created service and claim networks for several projects.

Right after his brilliant accomplishments as a senior leader with an insurtech startup, PolicyBazaar, which is backed by SoftBank & Tencent at a current valuation of over $1 billion, Kunal developed and started PolkaCover, his brainchild. By having the passion and the experience, Kunal drives PolkaCover to be the world’s leading cryptocurrency-friendly insurance marketplace.

Kunal comes with a specific set of skills in insurance, product & process mapping as well as working previously with & scaling up B2C insurtech businesses in the past, which gives PolkaCover a leader with unparalleled business experience compared to any other project in the crypto space.

PolkaCover, as a whole, is founded by a team of seasoned insurtech, fintech, and blockchain experts, with strong and deep connections with senior leaders in the traditional insurance marketplace. Our mission is to bring enhanced security, and unparalleled end-user ease of interaction to the entire crypto ecosystem.



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