Meet Anthony Thomas, the Co-Founder and CIO of PolkaCover

Anthony Thomas, the Co-Founder and CIO of PolkaCover, has had spectacular growth in the field of technology and management from a very early age. His passion has helped him thrive in his career for over 10 years now.

He started as a team leader in as early as 2005, and it has only been an uphill journey ever since.

Throughout Anthony’s career, he has successfully created several regional backend system platforms, alongside backend projects for multinational insurance providers such as Allianz and NextCare, the leading insurance associations worldwide.

After graduating from the University of Karachi, Anthony started off his career with Hauka Pvt Ltd. as a team lead. At such an early age, Anthony was promoted to the management position for several leading entities in Pakistan, such as ibex, Pakistan's leading offshore service provider catering to the likes of AT&T and Amazon, Jaffer Brothers, Pakistan’s Leading Software house, and Augere, Wimax based Internet service provider, which meant that there was no stopping Anthony from achieving success in his field.

“I have always believed in people more than technology, and blockchain has managed to bridge the gap where technology is governed by the people. We as a community can bring about real change and DEFI is just the beginning.”

- Anthony Thomas, Co-Founder and CIO of PolkaCover

Additionally, Anthony managed and set up 3 operational offshore service centres simultaneously from scratch, comprising over 2000 individuals until late 2013. Soon after, Mr. Thomas moved to the UAE, where he was an account manager for Allianz Partners, one of the top international financial services providers globally. Allianz offers over 86 million customers worldwide products and solutions in insurance and asset management. The highlights of Anthony’s 7 years at the firm would be that he developed and refined all mobile insurance products, digital risk programs that are worth nearly $20 million, and back-end business processes that preserved excellent customer experience while reducing costs by over $2 million annually.

Mr. Anthony’s passion and astounding experience for technology and innovation have led him to be the co-founder and CIO of PolkaCover. By channeling his knowledge and focusing on PolkaCover, he will make us reach unimaginable successes.

At PolkaCover, we will connect users & multi-national insurance providers with all global insurance products such as crypto-related protection, health, life, education & family insurance plans, and would be working towards adding more products in the longer run. The platform would be providing several tokenized incentives making it up to 40% cheaper than any traditional insurance channel.

The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem