CoverCompared x XBN

2 min readMay 13, 2022


We are pleased to announce that XBN Finance — a decentralized platform that enables the building of DeFi and GameFi technologies that generate positive cash flow — have come aboard the CoverCompared platform.

As a technology and finance innovator in the tokenization field, our new partner, seeks to maximize returns for their users by developing new services for them.

XBN Finance is a well-developed comprehensive ecosystem and more importantly, a platform that allows new projects to flourish, like farming pools where users can earn passive income using their crypto-assets.

Yield farming has been one of the go-to strategies in dealing with cryptocurrencies that investors tend to lean towards because it offers a means of generating passive income.

DeFi yield farming has become one of the most prominent ways through which investors can earn a lot more crypto within the DeFi space due to the high percentage yield it offers compared to its TradFi counterpart.

Through our partnership with XBN, their community users will now have access to the varied affordable insurance products we offer inclusive of smart contract covers as well as crypto exchange covers that can protect your XBN tokens all for a special discount of 10% for our users.

About CoverCompared

CoverCompared is the First DeFi insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem. We aim to lower transactional and administrative costs of insurance policies and coverage while providing high-value, cost-effective insurance products bought using a host of cryptocurrencies.

Our platform will be connecting users with multinational insurance providers for all global insurance products such as crypto-related protection, health, life, and travel policies. The platform will include a frictionless insurance marketplace experience that incorporates next-generation blockchain technology and tokenized incentives.

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About XBN Finance

With the advantage of having advanced tech capabilities, XBN works to be a financial engine of returns for token holders by engaging with frontier technologies that are new and innovative and that create positive real change for the world we are living in today.

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The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem