April 2021 - PolkaCover Q1 Project Update

Hey CoverRangers!

We’ve been working on a lot of exciting things and we cannot wait to show what we’ve been upto.

Before we begin, here’s a quick recap on what’s been done so far.

Let’s start with the architecture:

One of our biggest goals is to make sure the crypto ecosystem is safe for the entire crypto community and we have achieved this with the help of multiple partnerships.


Technical partners:

Transak: To provide access for crypto users to use fiat or their crypto currencies to process the policies

Smart Contract Platform(TBA): Leverage their smart contract functionality to build the PolkaCover AI based insurance platform

Hacken: PolkaCover’s smart contract code has been audited by Hacken with 100% success

Ferrum Network: Polkacover has introduced two staking programs with Ferrum Network. $CVR token staking and LP staking.

Paid Network: PolkaCover will utilize PAID’s SMART Agreements to create and strengthen future internal and external agreements and streamline operations.

Band Protocol: PolkaCover has partnered with the leading oracle providers in the space, who are currently catering to all major protocols. We will leverage on our oracle partners to capture price feeds for our preferred pairs like BTC, ETH, USDT, and so forth.

Layer 2 Data Solution: PolkaCover has also partnered with a Layer 2 Data solution provider who will be used for blockchain data indexing and transforming tools to power PolkaCover on any chain (Name to be announced)

Service Partners:

971 Insurance: Regulated insurance broker to distribute insurance policies to crypto users globally

Phantasma: Providing insurance against NFTs impermanent loss

Orion Protocol: Providing crypto insurance against their user base

LABS Group: Providing insurance coverage to their real estate and NFT assets.

…..and we’ve only just begun.

Let’s dive into the road ahead.

We thrive to close the second quarter with a bang starting with the launch on Ropsten followed by:

Our second half of the year is lined with so much more and we are thrilled to give you guys a sneak peak. We launch into the third quarter with:

With the substantial growth that we would have achieved this year, we kickstart 2022 with the P2P Beta Release. This would comprise of:

We set foot into the second quarter with:

We are elated to take you guys on this amazing journey with us and we cannot thank you all enough for your constant support.

See you guys soon!

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